50 years of experience

Figueras Fills Electricitat SL

Figueras Fills electricity and lighting projects

The company has its origins in october 1969. Two friends, Antoni and Jordi, got excited and begin a new phase in their life: employers and employees, something less problematic than at present, with the name of ELECTRICITAT AN-JO . Unfortunately, a few years after , Toni disappeared from our lives and the company continued with the name of Electricitat J. Figueras, SA until 1991.

It is from that time when the sons of Jordi,  Francesc first and then Dani enter in the family business and it takes the current name of
FIGUERAS FILLS, SL - PROJECTS OF ELECTRICITY AND LIGHTING. Youth brings new ideas and new projects together with veteran father turned this family business the ideal project to offer the utmost attention and services.

It is for that reason that we are pleased to celebrate these 50 years in 2019 with all of you. Thanks to all our satisfied customers of these 50 years, we would not exist without you.