What is self-consumption?


Catalonia is moving towards the energy transition, a process that places citizens at the center of the new energy model and implies their empowerment. How Going from being passive consumers to generators of their own energy for self-consumption, storing it and finally sharing it with other users.

Photovoltaic consumption will transform the energy model of the updated one by allowing the houses to be self-sufficient and take advantage of the Sun as a free and clean energy resource. When there is sufficient domestic photovoltaic consumption facilities, shared self-consumption will also be achieved, through distribution networks between the different consumers throughout the country, giving way to the solar communities.

Unfortunately, today false myths and misinformation about self-consumption exist in society that hinder their development. The Catalan Energy Institute wishes to disseminate with this campaign all the information on photovoltaic consumption to disassemble myths and allow citizens to take this new model of energy consumption into account as a legal option, viable both technically and economically , clean and responsible.


wht is self-consumption?